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Clete Thomas Grand Slam Beats Angels

Rick Porcello got tagged early and has shown some signs of his age and immaturity. He’ll be fine, but the Tigers needed a grand slam from Clete Thomas in the 8th inning to pull out a win.
Porcello’s shakiness has not been bad enough to knock him from the 3-spot, but with Bonderman coming back [...]

Edwin Jackson Pitches a Masterpiece

Edwin Jackson just keeps getting better and better. He’s easily proved to be the most valuable off season pick-up for Detroit, and according to Baltimore’s Aubrey Huff after the game – Jackson and Verlander are the toughest 1-2 punch he’s ever seen in baseball.
Jackson pitched 8 innings of scoreless ball, with seven strikeouts allowing only [...]

Joel Zumaya Saves Game vs. Twins

I have to admit that seeing Zumaya try to get this save made me a little nervous. You never want to see runners on first and second, up one run, and Joe Mauer up to bat. Needless to say, it proved to be another nail biter. But he pulled it off recording 5 outs for [...]

Dane Sardinha Wins it With a Triple

Dane Sardinha redeemed himself big time after a rally killing double play, by hitting the game winning triple. Huh? Damn right – Dane Sardinha. It was his first major league hit and the triple scored Thames and Renteria to win the game. Way to go, kid.
Kenny Rogers looked so-so at first but got better, and [...]

Miguel Cabrera Wins It With A Walk-Off

What an amazing game. It’s rare to see a true pitchers duel, but it’s a wonderful thing when it happens. And to see Cabrera win it with a walk-off homer really felt good. So, should we start to believe again? Three straight pitching gems against the White Sox, leading to a sweep of the 1st [...]