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Tigers Get Swept By Kansas City

Inge homered.
There’s the highlights.
0-3 to start this magical season. Granderson is missed, and now Sheffield has a torn tendon in his finger. Cabrera didn’t even play because of an injured quad. Next up – Chicago. If we can’t beat the Royals, what are we going to do against the White Sox, with a less healthy [...]

Bannister = Cy Young? Shuts Out Tigers…

Wow. Murderers Row part deux is not exactly off to a great start. Brian Bannister gave up 2 hits through 7 innings, striking out 4. In fact – Edgar Renteria was the only Tiger to get a hit all day, as they got shut out 4-0.
0-2 to start the season? Against KC? WTF?

Tigers Drop the Opener

Welp – it was a helluva game.
Overall, it was an adequate start to the season. Adequate because it was a good game, if you’re a fan of the sport. 11 innings is always good. It’s like getting extra wings on your plate for the same price. Of course if they make you sick, you’ll regret [...]

Opening Day Is Finally Here!

And I’ve got a ticket! Granted, it’s in Kaline’s Corner so the seats suck – but who cares?!? I’ll actually get to be there. A little odd opening against the “vaunted” Royals, but I guess it’s a creampuff opening series. Kinda like when Michigan gets to bash the hell out of Appalachian State…wait, maybe not [...]

Jeremy Bonderman Comes Back To Form

Bonderman Shines

Jeremy Bonderman is back! Well, maybe we should temper that a little. This is the Royals. But the fact is, he looked like the old Jeremy Bonderman. The Jeremy Bonderman that wasn’t guaranteed to put you in a 6-0 deficit in the first inning. The guy with serious heat and nasty movement on his [...]