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The Detroit Tigers will likely be shopping for bargains in free agency

The Detroit Tigers will likely need infield and bullpen help for the 2010 season but they will be shopping in the bargain bin. To replace Placido Polanco at 2B the Tigers will likely contact Felipe Lopez, Ronnie Belliard and Adam Kennedy. None of those names jump off the page but Lopez has the [...]

The Detroit Tigers have a bunch of key free agents that they need to make decisions on

The Tigers have a lot of work to do this winter. They don’t really have the cash to spend like the big market teams so it will be interesting what they do with their own free agents. Placido Polanco, Adam Everett, Aubrey Huff, Jarrod Washburn, Brandon Lyon and Fernando Rodney are all set [...]

Carlos Guillen will be everyday LF in 2010

It looked like a big rift between Carlos Guillen and manager Jim Leyland was developing, as Guillen publicly complained about his lack of playing time this year. He also complained about not having a set position. Guillen played first base, third base, shortstop, left field and DH this year in 81 games. [...]

Tigers Sign Jarrod Washburn at the Deadline

Well, the trading deadline has come and gone and now we see what Dombrowski hopes will bring us a championship – Pitching. With the 2nd best rotation in the league, many would argue (including yours truly), that what we needed was more pop in this lineup. As of this writing, the only hitter on The [...]

Sheffield Released!

Well it’s about damn time! I know it must be hard to flush $14 Million down the toilet by releasing a guy that has guaranteed money like that, but in all honesty – that money has long been gone.
More importantly, Sheffield’s release opens up a roster spot for someone more productive (looks to be Jeff [...]