The Detroit Tigers have a bunch of key free agents that they need to make decisions on

The Tigers have a lot of work to do this winter. They don’t really have the cash to spend like the big market teams so it will be interesting what they do with their own free agents. Placido Polanco, Adam Everett, Aubrey Huff, Jarrod Washburn, Brandon Lyon and Fernando Rodney are all set for new contracts. The Tigers would love to bring back Polanco but he will likely get a good offer from another team. The Tigers will let both Adam Everett and Aubrey Huff walk away as they will try to find improvements on them. Now in the bullpen Fernando Rodney likely priced him out of Detroit with the year he had as some team might be willing to give him 8-10 million bucks a year. Brandon Lyon would likely return to Detroit if they promised him the closer’s job but is that something the Tigers really want to commit to? Jarrod Washburn was awful with the Tigers after coming over from the Mariners. In a perfect world the Tigers would get to keep Polanco, Lyon and Rodney but that is not realistic with the payroll the Tigers will likely operate with next season.

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