Tigers Sweep Yankees In Bronx – First Time Since “66

Tigers Sweep Yankees in Bronx

How sweet it is! To think that Denny McClain was pitching the last time the Tigers went into the Bronx and swept The Yankees, helps to understand how historical this win was. The fact that it was their last trip to the soon-to-be-demolished Yankee Stadium, makes it that much sweeter.

At The Fort Street Brewery, we had the Pistons on as well, watching them eliminate the 76ers from the playoffs, and later – The Red Wings were on their way to sweeping The Colorado Avalanche out as well. But it was The Tigers that took center stage. That says something about the love of baseball in this town. We’re 5 months from baseball playoffs, and The Tigers took prominence over the playoff advances of both The Pistons and The Red Wings.

Congratulations Detroit.

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